The Impact of Conflict Management on Organizational Performance in Somalia

  • Abdirahman Ali Mohamed
  • Ismail Nor Sheikh Mahamud
  • Aina-Obe Shamsuddin Bolatito
Keywords: Somalia, conflict management, organizational performance, conflict resolution strategies, employee relations in Somalia


This study investigates the influence of conflict management on organizational performance in Somalia, a country plagued by long-standing sociopolitical instability and recurring wars. Conflict inside firms may stymie production, cooperation, and employee morale, reducing overall organizational performance. However, effective conflict resolution tactics can reduce these negative consequences and establish a work atmosphere favourable to higher performance.

Understanding the relationship between conflict resolution tactics and organizational outcomes is critical in Somalia, a country plagued by long-term violence and instability. Every business in society strives to create an extremely conducive environment where employees may operate effectively and without any outside influences that could obstruct the achievement of individual and organizational goals. Thus, organizational effectiveness—including work-life balance and client and customer satisfaction—is essential for any institution.

This study adopted an exploratory method to investigate and provide useful insights into the link between conflict resolution methods and organizational performance in an unstable setting. The study has significance for organizational leaders, politicians, and practitioners who want to alter workplace dynamics and promote organizational performance.

The paper intends to shed light on the dynamics of conflict management inside Somali companies, providing useful insights into the link between conflict resolution methods and organizational performance in an unstable setting. The findings have significance for organizational leaders, policymakers, and practitioners who want to improve workplace dynamics and increase organizational performance in conflict-affected settings. Finally, recognizing and addressing the influence of conflict management on organizational performance might help Somalia achieve long-term peacekeeping and socioeconomic development goals.


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