Reinventing Social Media for Increased Educational Roles and a Smarter Country

  • Ogagaoghene Uzezi Idhalama
  • Iguehi Joy Ikenwe
Keywords: social media, education, educational roles, reinvention, smart country


This study is on reinventing social media for increased educational roles and a smarter country. The study adopted a literature review methodology to meet the objectives of this work. Specifically, areas treated are the various kinds of social media in use by students, what social media ought to be used for by students, and the darker side of the use of social networking sites. There was also a peep into expectations of the 22nd century in terms of using social media for scholarship by students, and finally, the contributory factors to a smarter nation like Nigeria was also surveyed. It was therefore found that social media platforms have come to stay but should be used by students more sensibly and appropriately, with the efficient use of social media in academics, scholarship is therefore guaranteed, users of social media should spend at most an hour on its use daily. It is important to note also that the authors forecasted that in less than a decade from now, 70% of people living on earth will become smart people.

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Idhalama, O. U., & Ikenwe, I. J. (2021). Reinventing Social Media for Increased Educational Roles and a Smarter Country. European Journal of Science, Innovation and Technology, 1(3), 1-8. Retrieved from
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