Improving Students Academic Transcript Generation in Nigerian Universities

  • Victoria Oluwatoyin Oyekunle
Keywords: Courses, Course unit, Grade point, Total load unit, Total unit passed, Total credit points, Grade point average, Cumulative grade point average, Students, Academic transcript


At the end of each semester in schools of higher learning, examinations are written by students on the courses registered for and the grades are computed. In some universities, the scores and grades are entered into results sheet, the cumulative grade point average [CGPA] is calculated and recorded manually and kept in paper files that are carefully arranged into folders and kept in shelves. The aim of implementing this project is to create a software that can be used for Course registration, result computations and Student Transcript generation. With this system, we will be solving the problems encountered in the process of computing student`s examination results, and retrieving the results when they are needed. From the results, the computation of students' academic results was made simpler, less tedious and easily accessible with a robust database system.

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