The Development Dimension in Nigeria: Understanding the Role of Diaspora and Globalization

  • Ishaka Dele
Keywords: Globalization, Diaspora, Development


The reality recognized by immigration experts is a dynamic and effective link between the diaspora and the host and the home country. This is a very important factor in globalization. Diaspora groups are less well known and less valued in their regional development interventions. This lack of recognition may be due to small scholarly studies on foreign development interventions, lack of recognition and promotion by local government, limited contact prior to global technology benefits and lack of awareness of scale, scope and impact of technology. However, it is noted that the scale, scope and impact of the various Diaspora development efforts will vary on a variety of factors, namely the size of the developing country and the complexity of the challenges it faces, the impact/level of trade acceptance, the benefits of technology and the level of acceptance. In the Nigerian context, however, a strong global trade connection was recognized with the launch of the global web, communications and exchanges encouraged communication and transfer of funds to increase awareness and maximize the benefits of foreign intervention benefits. As a result of this migration it becomes an important resource in helping development.

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