Interaction Styles in Senior Secondary Practical Biology Classroom in Nigeria

  • Nonye Odionye
  • Nkadi Onyegegbu
Keywords: Practical, Interaction style, Flanders’s model, Gender, Senior Secondary school


This study was carried out to observe the interaction style in SS2 practical biology classroom. In line with this, four research questions guided the study. A descriptive survey design was used. The sample used was 645 senior secondary year two biology students who made up 18 intact classes from six (6) secondary schools located in Awka educational zone. The data from the study were collected using the modified Flanders Instrument and analyzed using mean. The result of the study showed that in the practical classroom, teachers dominated the practical classroom with the use of lecture method, as the mode of teaching. Girls participated in fewer interactions than boys meaning that boys distinctly dominated the biology lesson, they were more active, more willing, commented impulsively and made more contiguity with the students-teachers than girls.

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