Navigating Tradition and Innovation: Trans-Modernism among Five Contemporary Young Ghanaian Painters

  • Theophilus Kwesi Mensah
  • Daniel Appiah Gyachie
  • Ebenezer Kow Abraham
Keywords: Trans modernism, Modernism, Post-modernism, Post-Post modernism, Contemporary


This paper explores the fascinating intersection of tradition and innovation in the artistic practices of five contemporary young Ghanaian painters, encapsulated by the concept of "Trans-Modernism." As the art world grapples with the complexities of globalization and rapid cultural change, these artists navigate the complex terrain of identity, heritage, and modernity with a distinctive blend of traditional Ghanaian artistic elements and innovative approaches. Drawing upon extensive interviews, artistic analysis, and critical discourse, this study unveils the evolution of a unique trans-modernist art movement in Ghana to strengthen the egalitarian principle of the global contemporary art framework. The study highlights the power of art to bridge cultural divides, questions established norms, and inspire societal change. By navigating the intricate balance between tradition and innovation, the study showed how these five young Ghanaian painters exemplify a trans-modernist movement that not only reflects the complexities of their heritage but also paves the way for a promising future in global art discourse.


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