Development of a Remotely Controlled Distributed Display System for Information Dissemination

  • Caleb T. Adewole
  • Ibukunoluwa Adetutu Olajide
  • Emmanuel Samson Itodo
Keywords: LED matrix, Distributed Display System, ZigBee, CC1352R1


This research focuses on a remotely controlled distributed display system for information dissemination for public consumption. It demonstrates a proof-of-concept for a cost-effective system utilising ZigBee communication. The display system is specifically targeted at displaying information for campus activities at the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria. The system is comprised of two custom-designed 8-row-by-16-column LED matrix displays controlled by ZigBee-enabled microcontrollers. One display forms a ZigBee network that the other finds and joins. Information is composed in an application software at the control centre and downloaded to the master controller. The master controller drives the master display to display the received information; then it transmits the information over ZigBee to a remote slave controller which subsequently displays the received information as well. Performance evaluation revealed that inter-display communication ranges between 29 and 41 metres in closed environments and open spaces respectively. This project successfully validates the feasibility of the proposed system; future works could add ZigBee routers to extend the range of communication between displays.


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