Toxic Effects Assessment of Acute Cobalt Exposure on Stress Biomarkers Responses of Cyprinus carpio Intestine

  • Imene Chetoui
  • Feriel Ghribi
  • Safa Bejaoui
  • Dalya Belhasssen
  • Najla Soudani
Keywords: Cyprinus carpio, cobalt, intestine, stress biomarkers


The aim of the current study is to assess in the first time the toxic effects of acute chloride cobalt concentrations exposure (0(CT), 50 (D1), 500 (D2) µgL-1CoCl2) on stress biomarkers responses of Cyprinus carpio intestine during 3 days. Cobalt accumulation alters the lipids of intestine cells causing therefore lipid peroxidation objectified by significant increases of H2O2 and MDA levels in all treated groups. The cobalt toxicity induced the disruption of the total antioxidant capacity confirmed by decrease of FRAP levels. The activation of enzymatic and no-enzymatic antioxidants defense system was determined by increases of SOD, GPx activities and GST levels (1) and GSH and NPSH levels (2) in all carp treated groups. Similar MT’s induction recorded in our treatment suggested the better response of intestine cell against the cobalt toxicity.


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