Software Testing using Multi-Collaboration Platforms

  • Sana Rizwan
  • Mati ul Rehman
  • Ayesha Tahir
Keywords: Unit Testing Approach, System Testing Approach, Integration Testing Features, Acceptance Testing Capabilities, Testing Lifecycle Procedures, Critical Production in Software Testing, Risk Assesment, UAT, HyperText Transfer Protocol, Integrated and Continous Deployment Pipelines


Software applications become increasingly complex and competitive pressures intensify; the importance of quality assurance in software development cannot be overstated. Software testing plays a crucial role in the Software Development Lifecycle, necessitating the adoption of enhanced and efficient methodologies and techniques to ensure superior quality. This paper aims to explain and explore existing testing techniques to enhance quality assurance in software development processes by testing means. Various testing tools for backend and frontend applications are available to figure out the outcomes, but selection of the appropriate tool to find the concerned outcomes in software testing aspect is imperative. Loading, implementation, fetching results, extraction of the suitable fallouts is the major aim to the study.


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