Phonetic Challenges and Articulation Patterns: An In-Depth Analysis of Affricate Production among Second Language Learners

  • Charito Ong
  • John Derek Flores
  • Sterling Ong
Keywords: Affricate Production, Articulation Patterns, Phonetic Challenges


This study investigated the challenges of affricate pronunciation faced by college students, specifically those enrolled in a state university. Drawing from prior research, the mixed-methods approach combined surveys and interviews to comprehensively explore the distinctions of affricate pronunciation, identifying impediments encountered by language learners. The research contributed valuable insights, emphasizing the unique context of state university education. The tabular presentation of results captured participants' experiences, offering practical implications for educators and policymakers. Overall, this study provided a nuanced understanding of affricate pronunciation challenges among state university college students, aligning with the broader discourse on language acquisition and oral articulation.


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