West African Governance and the 21st Century Mediterranean Slave Trade: A Critical Analysis

  • Cornel Chinedu U. Udumaga
  • Okechukwu Declan Izim
Keywords: Contemporary Slavery, Governance, Human Trafficking, Mediterranean Slave Trade, West Africa


The 21st century has witnessed a revival of the slave trade in the Mediterranean, bringing to mind the transatlantic slave trade that plagued the West African region centuries ago. This article provides a critical analysis of the contemporary relationship between West African governance and the resurgence of the Mediterranean slave trade. This study investigates the socio-political, economic, and historical factors that contribute to the persistence of this contemporary catastrophe, drawing on extensive research and a multidisciplinary approach. The research used governance theory as its theoretical foundation. The data were obtained from secondary sources and analysed using a qualitative technique. Multiple socio-political and economic factors influenced the vulnerability of individuals in West African countries in relation to West African governance and the Mediterranean slave trade, as revealed by the study. The Mediterranean slave trade of the twenty-first century had severe consequences for both West Africa and the entire world. To prevent and eradicate this modern form of slavery, the study recommends addressing the fundamental causes, promoting regional cooperation, strengthening legal frameworks, and providing support for victims, among other measures.


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