Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to GSM Operations

  • Bodunrin Isa Bakare
  • Malcolm Solomon Ekolama
Keywords: Mobile, GSM, Call, Cellular Network, Gateway, Communication, Artificial Neural Network, GSM Operation, Predictive maintenance


The growth of IoT devices, mobile data, and the adoption of 5G technology have presented Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) operators with challenging obstacles. As such, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has become a pivotal facilitator in improving the effectiveness and reliability of GSM networks. This article examines the novel implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in GSM operations, emphasising the profound revolution it has brought within the telecommunications sector. Using AI technologies to promote predictive maintenance, enhance customer experience, establish robust fraud detection systems, optimise network resources, and implement environmentally conscious energy management practices are all components of the objective to revolutionise GSM networks. Predictive maintenance methodologies guarantee continuous service provision and reduce periods of inactivity, whereas AI-powered analytics and customised services cultivate client satisfaction and loyalty. Network optimisation entails the deliberate distribution of resources in a manner that maximises spectral efficiency while minimising interference. As seen from the study, explainable AI (XAI) provides exciting opportunity for additional breakthroughs in GSM operations.


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