Development of a Government Center Site Selection Model: Spatial Transformation in Abra De Ilog, Occidental Mindoro

  • Manolo I. Merhan
Keywords: Abra De Ilog, urban design, urban development, site selection criteria, spatial transformation strategies


In the Philippines, where the country is susceptible to poverty due to various risks, there is a shift in urban development that presents investment possibilities. However, due to the inevitable rapid and poorly planned urban design, many cities face this problem, especially in areas with extensive poverty. Urban design plays a significant role in proper planning to address poor urban development. In connection to this, improper site selection can create a lot of issues in the city in the future. This may result in higher population density and unplanned expansion, increasing the risk of poverty and disasters.

Abra De Ilog in Occidental Mindoro is one of the municipalities that is facing these challenges. The city is working to address these issues to enhance its urban environment due to existing risks that include accessibility problems, insufficient space, and mobility issues stemming from congestion and improper planning. To address this problem, site selection criteria will play a pivotal role in planning the city, resulting in effective planning and optimizing resources of the city.

Moreover, the municipality plans to build a new government center to ease the challenges faced by the citizens due to poor and rapid urbanization. Abra De Ilog will adapt the Spatial Transformation Strategies to carefully plan the new government center. The city aims to become top in sustainable development. This involves growth that prioritizes eco-friendly solutions and sustainability to enhance the environment, economy, and quality of life in the municipality of Abra De Ilog.


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