Barriers and Facilitators of UIDS Adoption from the User and Implementer Perspectives: A Qualitative Study

  • Violah MPANGWIRE
Keywords: Unified Identification Systems, User and Implementer Perspective, UIDS Adoption


Purpose: This study aims to explore the perceptions of the users and implementers on UIDS adoption. This paper highlights the barriers and facilitators guided by the triple review of IS adoption theories.

Objective: To explore barriers and facilitators of adoption of UIDs from the user and implementer perspectives.

Design/methodology/approach: A cross sectional study of detailed interviews of 25 purposively selected. Interpretive thematic analysis is used to identify themes and principles and construct an initial analysis of user and implementer perspectives on barriers and facilitators of adoption of UIDS in Ugandan MDAs.

Findings: Both users and implementers wholesomely pointed out unwillingness of top management to be the major barrier among others, and also the facilitators outweigh the barriers and therefore adoption is possible.

Research limitations/implications: The findings from the present study are cross-sectional, considering the limitations therein, a longitudinal approach should be explored to study the patterns. Nevertheless, its interpretive style allows identification but a confirmatory method is recommended.

Practical implication: Closer analysis of field notes and the previous review of literature led to redefining of the interview content hence refinement and addition of more codes making it an iterative process and this yielded more concentrated content guided by both literature and interview findings.

Social implication: This study will enable the implementers to minimize on the barriers, improve on the facilitators so as to allow for adoption of UIDS that will bring about improved service delivery to the citizenry due to reduced paper work, unnecessary delays and bureaucratic tendencies.

Originality/value: It is the first paper to explore views from the user and implementer perspective concerning barriers and facilitators of adoption of UIDS. This study is important for governments seeking to enhance adoption of UIDS as it unveils the hindrances and to the academic literature, it adds little body of knowledge on adoption of identity systems.

Conclusion: Adoption of UIDs can improve service delivery, reduce fraudulent acts and reduce maintenance costs in MDAs.

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