Tourism Investment and Financial Digital

Keywords: Indonesia, tourist destination, tourism investment, financial digital, sustainable development


The arrival of tourism investment is supported by the availability of financial digitalization which is beneficial for tourist destinations improvement in Indonesia. The objective of this study is elaborating effort led by government in getting investment and financial digital utilization at tourist destination. It employs a descriptive analysis of qualitative approach, and is done through literature relating to arising problems. The policy is implemented by prioritizing tourism and creative economy as a sector in job-employment and providing social welfare. This initiative aims to encourage and support the acceleration of industrial development and investment focus in tourism and the creative economy. There are three investment opportunities offered by Indonesia government in special economic zones, including: 1) infrastructure management within the area including Sustainability Concept, 2) creating Smart Tourist Destinations, 3) Cultural Villages optimization as locomotive to develop destinations and creative economy supporting local people economies. Investment strategies are necessary by prioritizing prominent policy to boost tourism and creative economy growth supported by the digital financial. Tourist destinations are expected be able to strengthen the competitiveness of destinations and positive perception of tourism investment management. It is revealed that tourism investments in tourist destination still need to generate tourism revenue mix with financial digital uses.

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