Analysis of No-Load Test on a Power Transformer: Case Study of 2.5MVA 33/11KV Transformer Located in Harmony Estate, Nigeria

  • Dan Horsfall
  • Frederick Eneotu
Keywords: Power transformers, No-load test, Load conditions, MATLAB-Simulink simulation, Analysis and testing


This research addresses a significant research gap in the study of no-load test on power transformers. Despite the widespread utilization of no-load tests for assessing core losses and excitation characteristics in power transformers, there is a lack of comprehensive studies exploring the impact of various specific factors, including frequency characteristics, load conditions, instrument conditions, and design parameters, on the accuracy and reliability of no-load test results. Furthermore, the evolution of transformer technologies and materials has introduced new challenges that may affect the validity of traditional no-load test methodologies. To bridge this gap, this study employs MATLAB-Simulink simulations to enhance the analysis by integrating conditional factors and parameters, offering higher accuracy compared to traditional calculations and laboratory experiments. The research will yield two sets of results: one from mathematical equations and another from MATLAB simulations, enabling a thorough comparison and the derivation of valuable recommendations in the power generation industry.


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