Arduino Based Atmometer for Recording Evaporation

  • June C. Quipo
  • Maria Ivahnna Laidyne C. Ligot
  • Menchi B. Pugong
  • Rhealyn A. Quipo
Keywords: atmometer, evaporation, microcontroller, ultrasonic sensor, reliability


A fabricated atmometer was improved using Arduino and ultrasonic sensor for sensing evaporation. HC-05 Bluetooth module was used to record the change of atmospheric evaporation in atmometer. The study was implemented at Agrometeorological Station and the data gathered were analyzed through T-test to compare the Atmometer with Arduino Sensor versus Atmometer (manual reading) and Open Pan for measuring evaporation.

Based on the results, there is no significant difference between the Open pan and Arduino based atmometer, and between the Atmometer and Arduino based atmometer with a greater p-value of 0.369 and 0.788 respectively. However, there is a significant difference between the Atmometer and Open pan with a p-value of 0.0043 at 95% level of confidence. Since the Arduino with sensor is connected to the atmometer having a positive relationship, it is recommended to use in the field. Thus, both needs calibration and further improvement before using it in measuring evaporation rate disregarding the result of the analysis in comparison to the actual evaporation.


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