Design, Fabrication, and Optimization Studies of a Groundnut Kneader

  • Moshood Enewo Sulaiman
  • Dauda Dangora Nalado
  • Sharaffadeen Kolawole Shittu
  • Kamil Kayode Katibi
Keywords: design, fabricate, groundnut kneader, oil yield, machine speed, groundnut oil


Nigeria's small-scale oil extraction remains a significant bottleneck. ‎In this study, an improved groundnut kneader was designed, fabricated, and evaluated based on groundnut oil extraction. Also, some pertinent parameters of the developed kneading machine including machine speed, ‎finger numbers, and water temperature were successfully optimized.‎ The result of the study revealed that the highest number of fingers (F3) produced the highest machine efficiency of 78.39% and maximum output capacity of 17.97 kg/h while the lowest efficiency of 69.74% and the lowest output capacity of 10.79 kg/h were recorded at the lowest number of fingers (F1). The highest oil yield of 38.84% was obtained at the water temperature of 60°С, while the lowest groundnut oil yield of 33.7% was recorded at 40°С. The optimum machine efficiency, output capacity, and yield of 80.9%, 19.98 kg/h, and 19.73% were obtained when the machine speed, water temperature, and the number of fingers were 400 rpm, 60°С, F3 for speed, water temperature, and the number of fingers respectively. The results indicated that as the speed (rpm), water temperature (°С) and fingers were ‎increased the responses such as efficiency (%), oil yield (%), and output capacity (kg/h) ‎were increased. From the performance evaluation of the kneader, it was observed that all the evaluated ‎factors are significant at p ≤ 0.05. Finger number, water temperature, and speed significantly impact kneader oil yield, efficiency, and output capacity; modelling equations were valid and show no significant difference between the statistical and experimental values.


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