Grinding Problem of Center-Less Grinding Aluminum Tube in Polishing Process

  • Jyh-Woei Lin
Keywords: Aluminum, Finer-Grained Elastic Rubber Grinding Wheel (FGERGW), Center-Less Grinding Aluminum Tube (CLGAT), Feed Rate of Grinding Wheel (FROGW), Grinding Temperature


Aluminum was a hard and soft material and it was easy to generate grinding heat, so polishing was relatively difficult. The finer-grained elastic rubber grinding wheel (FGERGW) has been used to polish the center-less grinding aluminum tube (CLGAT) to reduce the grinding temperature. For the grinding problem of the CLGAT, an excellent polishing efficiency was achieved using the FGERGW and the feed rate of grinding wheel (FROGW) was not necessary to reduce. The effect of removing tool marks was excellently reduced high grinding temperature.


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