Classification of Equipment in Marine ERP Systems

  • Vasileios Adamantidis
Keywords: ERP, Shipping, Marine engineering, SFI, Machinery, Database, Library


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is one of the important aspects in the maritime industry. It is an important part of the ERP system that helps in ensuring the durability of the ship. In this paper, a study is carried out on the ERP systems in the shipping industry. The study discusses the use of SFI grouping method and ERP system for this purpose. For transportation purposes, the study proposes discussing various sizes for its specific purpose and also implements SFI system, which classifies ships for its purpose such as bulk cargo, passenger ferries, and so on. For defence purposes, it discusses developing hawse ships and provides a review of the range of equipment used in the shipbuilding industry and ERP's role within it.


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