Development and Acceptance of Tomato Paste Processing Machine

  • Mark Augusto V. Agus
  • Romeo D. Jr. Solitario
  • Rina J. Arcigal
Keywords: Tomato Paste Processing Machine, extraction efficiency, belt and pulley, motor, torque


Tomato products such as puree and tomato paste are used for the preparation of many food products which may include frozen food, pasta and pizza toppings, etc. Good quality tomato-based products are manufactured with good solid content, and the viscosity of the produce is derived from the combination of water with the fibrous strands in the tomato paste and the gelling effect of pectin found naturally in tomatoes. The developed prototype will be used in the preparation of the tomato paste as the final product used by different restaurants, wanders, cafeterias etc. The ketchup that is already used is costlier and full of preservatives which is not preferable for human health, whereas this machine produces 100% pure and hygienic ketchup without preservatives and it is also cheaper. This machine may be used for continuous ketchup production. Only one person can handle the machine.

The main objective of this study is to design and develop a “Tomato Paste Processing Machine”. Specifically, it seeks to achieve the following objectives: (1) to identify the components needed to construct the “Tomato Paste Processing Machine” that can satisfy the standard requirements; (2) to determine the performance of the “Tomato Paste Processing Machine” in terms of extraction and machine efficiency; (3) to determine the acceptability of the machine in terms of evenness of cooking and mixing consistency as perceived by the machine user.


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