Examples of Urban Design and Memorial Architecture by Architect Ahmet Hadrovic

  • Ahmet Hadrovic
Keywords: urban design, memorial architecture, conceptualization in architecture


The author of this paper does not remember a more intense sense of existence than when he (after graduating in 1980) received the first order to create a project. Orders for projects of various architectural contents have multiplied, and the geographical area in which the author worked has expanded. In the beginning, it was important for him to design, to earn money and spend it with the intensity that dictates youth. Over time, he began to build „his style in architecture“ based on emphasized functionality and rationality and establishing continuity with the values of local architectural tradition, natural environment conditions and the current state of technique and technology of the social environment. His professional literature consisted of the journals Detail, DBZ, Technique & Architecture, ..., and his architectural literature The Architectural Review, Architectural Record, The Japan Architect, Domus, Architecture Week ...

After, at the invitation of Professor Zivojin Vekic, he came to the Faculty of Architecture (1982) as an assistant in the group of subjects Architectural Construction, the author will begin to intensively fill the colorful mosaic of architecture: pedagogical work with students, professional design work, scientific work studies in Belgrade (1983-1986), work on his doctoral dissertation, Belgrade-Sarajevo (1986-1988), professional supervision of the construction of architectural structures, architectural competitions ...

Although it sounds paradoxical, in the author's experience dealing with a wide range of dimensions of architecture sharpened the feeling for each of them and created an experience of architecture as an indivisible, complex and contradictory human activity to the extent that he saw architecture as a framework of life, and collective-social dimensions (which are not studied in the study of architecture).

In the scientific-theoretical sense, the author found his way in architecture through postgraduate studies in Belgrade, i.e. by writing his doctoral dissertation entitled “Defining architectural space on the example of an oriental-type town house in Yugoslavia” (1988).

Memorial architecture is the type of architectural creation in which the artistic component of architecture is especially emphasized, and with it the symbolic messages of architecture.

The author, working on projects whose realizations are presented in this paper, was in a state of complex feeling, from pride that society has given him such a responsible task („designing sublimated messages”), to a sense of responsibility („whether messages are universal enough, humane and clear”).

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