Effect of Different Packaging Material on the Quality of Fermented Melon Seeds

  • Austin Ihemeje
  • Chioma G. Uneanya
  • Chioma C. Asuzu
  • Theresa O. Nnamocha
Keywords: melon seed, fermentation, packaging, shelf-life


Effect of different packaging material on the quality of fermented melon seeds was investigated. Melon (Citrullus vulagaris) seeds were boiled and separately packaged in glass jar, aluminum foil, uma leaves (Thaumatococcus daniellii), nylon/polyethylene and plastic materials. The packaged melon seeds (egusi) were each allowed to ferment for five days to produce five samples of the ogiri-egusi. The samples were subjected to proximate, mineral, vitamin, sensory and microbial analysis. The values of the proximate composition ranged from 39.43 - 41.13%, 24.12 - 29.53%, 20.03 - 25.71%, 1.24 - 1.70%, 0.25 - 0.37% and 2.67 - 14.46% for moisture, sprotein, fat, ash, fibre and carbohydrate content respectively. The mineral analysis showed magnesium (1.27 – 1.90 mg/100g), sodium (1.76 – 2.05 mg/100g), potassium (1.13 – 1.73 mg/100g) and calcium (1.74 – 1.87 mg/100g). The values obtained for all the minerals in the samples had significant (p<0.05) differences. Evaluation of the ogiri-egusi samples revealed vitamin A (19.88 – 22.08µg/100g), vitamin B1 (0.01 – 0.04mg/100g), vitamin B2 (0.01 – 0.05mg/100g) and vitamin B3 (0.04 – 0.11mg/100g) respectively. The viable microbial count on the samples indicated baccilus species, pseudomonas, proteus and lactobacillus being dominant while enterobacter was not detected. The packaging materials significantly influenced the qualities of the samples, uma leaves supported fermentation rate and microbial growth more than other packaging materials. Glass and foil seem to prolong the shelf life more than uma leaves in terms of texture which depicts delayed fermentation rate. Samples A had the least microbial load while all the isolated and identified bacteria were more dominant in sample C. Generally, all the packaging materials did not impart objectionable qualities to the ogiri.

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Ihemeje, A., Uneanya, C. G., Asuzu, C. C., & Nnamocha, T. O. (2022). Effect of Different Packaging Material on the Quality of Fermented Melon Seeds. European Journal of Science, Innovation and Technology, 2(2), 115-129. Retrieved from https://ejsit-journal.com/index.php/ejsit/article/view/100
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