European Journal of Science, Innovation and Technology <p>The <em>European Journal of Science, Innovation and Technology</em> (ISSN 2786-4936) is an international open access and peer-reviewed journal that provides a platform for high-quality original research contributions across the entire range of natural, social, formal, and applied sciences. The journal aims to advance and rapidly disseminate new research results and ideas to a wide audience to provide greatest benefit to society.</p> <div>&nbsp;</div> A.L. Publ en-US European Journal of Science, Innovation and Technology 2786-4936 Exploring the Dynamics of Digital Transformation Capabilities and Adaptive Performance of Administrative Staff in Public Tertiary Institutions, South-West Nigeria <p>The dynamic nature of modern organisations as a result of evolving technologies, changes in structures, systems and human components of workplace, among others, emphasizes the importance of digital technology and work environment. This study examined the influence of digital transformation capabilities on adaptive performance of administrative staff of public tertiary institutions in South-west, Nigeria. Descriptive survey design involving quantitative data collection was employed and the population comprised the administrative staff of 14 federal tertiary institutions, out of which 373 were selected through systematic multi-stage sampling technique. Data collected through a 4-point likert questionnaire were analysed with frequency count, percentage and mean while the hypothesis formulated was tested with multiple linear regression at 0.05 level of significance. It was found that transformational capabilities and digital capabilities have significant relative and combined influence on adaptive performance of administrative staff of federal tertiary institutions in South-west, Nigeria. The study concluded that digital transformation capabilities are critical factors that underlying the adaptive performance of administrative staff of federal tertiary institutions in South-west, Nigeria and other public tertiary institutions. It was recommended, among others, that management of public tertiary institutions in Nigeria should intensify their digital transformation efforts while the administrative staff should make conscious efforts for self-development in the skillful use of digital resources to enable them fit and function effectively in a technology-driven environment of tertiary institutions.</p> Tajudeen Adisa JIMOH Tolulope Elizabeth ADENEKAN Copyright (c) 2024 Tajudeen Adisa JIMOH, Tolulope Elizabeth ADENEKAN 2024-01-18 2024-01-18 4 1 1 14 Ascertaining the Presence of Genetic Modification in Seeds, Processed Food, and Feed Products in Namibia <p>The study aimed to assess whether the seeds in Namibia were derived from genetic modifications and whether grains, processed foods, and feed products contain genetically modified (GM) content. A multistage probability random sampling strategy was used to collect samples from eight regions: Khomas, Zambezi, Ohangwena, Omusati, Otjozondjupa, Kavango East, Kavango West, and Oshikoto. A total of 20 maize food samples were randomly sampled from Khomas; 2021 (5), Otjozondjupa; 2020 (2), Omusati; 2021 (1), Oshikoto; 2015 (3), Ohangwena; 2015 (2), Zambezi; 2020 (2), Kavango East; 2020 (1), and 2015 (4). A total of five (5) wheat food samples were obtained from Kavango East in 2015, and one (1) mixture of canola and soy was sampled from Otjozondjupa. In addition, one feed sample was taken from Otjozondjupa. DNA was isolated using the GeneSpin DNA extraction kit. The DNA concentration was confirmed by spectrophotometry using a NanoDrop (ThermoFisher Scientific, Waltham, MA, USAtific, USA). The purity of the DNA was confirmed through visualization using agarose TBE gel electrophoresis. Screening for the adventitious presence of GM content, the Eurofins GMO Screen RT IPC (NR) 35S/NOS/ABII kit was used. Most (41.5%) of the maize samples screened for the presence of GMO content showed positive results for food samples. In 2015, all three foods sampled in the Ohangwena region tested positive, while in the Oshikoto region, two samples also contained GM content.&nbsp; All wheat samples tested negative for GMOs during the two years. The overall study shows the prevalence of GMOs in Namibia.</p> Paulus Mungeyi Percy Chimwamurombe Grace Nandesora Kangueehi Copyright (c) 2024 Paulus Mungeyi, Percy Chimwamurombe, Grace Nandesora Kangueehi 2024-01-18 2024-01-18 4 1 15 30 The Implications of Waste Management on Sustainable Development in Rujeko B Suburb, Masvingo City, Zimbabwe <p>This study explored the implications of waste management on sustainable development in Rujeko B suburbs. It found that poor waste management practices lead to environmental degradation, health risks, and negative economic implications. Improving waste management practices is therefore essential for the sustainable development of Rujeko B. Poor waste management leads to the accumulation of solid and liquid waste, which can contaminate water sources, pollute the air, and create breeding grounds for disease-carrying pests. This can lead to health risks for the local population, such as respiratory problems, as well as economic losses due to reduced tourism and agricultural production. Furthermore, it can also lead to a decrease in property values, as well as an increase in the costs of waste management. The long-term effects of poor waste management can be devastating, with potentially irreversible damage to the environment and the health of local communities. Improving waste management practices is therefore essential for the sustainable development of Rujeko B. This includes increasing awareness and education campaigns on proper waste disposal and recycling, encouraging waste minimization and reuse, and providing adequate waste disposal infrastructure and services. Additionally, governments should provide incentives to encourage private sector involvement in waste management initiatives. Furthermore, incentives should also be given to individuals and households for reducing their waste production and for participating in waste management initiatives. Finally, governments should implement measures to reduce the environmental and health impacts of poor waste management practices.</p> Andipaishe MUZIRI Ashley CHALEKA Emmanuel NHEDZI Frank CHIPFUNDE Jemitias MAPIRA Copyright (c) 2024 Andipaishe MUZIRI, Ashley CHALEKA, Emmanuel NHEDZI, Frank CHIPFUNDE, Jemitias MAPIRA 2024-02-01 2024-02-01 4 1 31 44 Evaluation of Catfish Growth Performance in Ponds Vertical Integrated with Poultry Farm <p>The integration system refers to the blending of various compatible agricultural enterprises into a functional or unified for the purpose of sustainability. It is a no waste low cost and low energy production system in which the by-products of one enterprise are recycled into another as input. This experiment was conducted in earth ponds to evaluate catfish growth performance in pond integrated with poultry farm without feeding the fish against catfish growth in pond (T1) fed with vital feed. The size of the fish at stocking was 16.9 g and the experiment ran for a period of 190 days. Fish were weighed individually at harvest and the average weight of the two groups was compared. The average final weight of (T2) was 250 g and that of (T1) was 195 g. Integrated fish pond with poultry farm results in faster fish growth rate which can be used as a good option to solve the feed challenge facing extensive fish farms system in Nigeria.</p> A. F. Yakubu E. D. Olaji T. E. Adams E. Omonode M. C. Nwangwu R. O. Okabe Copyright (c) 2024 Yakubu, A. F., Olaji, E. D. , Adams, T. E., Omonode, E., Nwangwu, M. C., Okabe, R. O. 2024-01-30 2024-01-30 4 1 45 49 Determinants of IPSAS Adoption in the Public Service of the South Western States in Nigeria <p>The study examined the factors affecting the adoption of IPSAS in the South Western States of Nigeria. The focus of the study was mainly the isomorphic factors, and the survey included all the MDAs in the geopolitical zone. A well-structured questionnaire was used to harvest information from the prospective respondents who are accounting officers in the public service of the states in the geopolitical zone. A total sample of 400 respondents were selected using Taro Yammne sampling technique. The data were analyzed using both descriptive statistics and Structural Equation Modelling. The results from the findings indicate that normative (interest group political power, resources and capacity) and coercive (from federal government, international institutions, and the state fiscal imbalance) factors influenced the adoption of IPSASs in the sample states. It is recommended that these factors are to be involved in policy formulation that will improve adoption of IPSAS in the Nigerian public sector.</p> Zacch Adelabu ADEDEJI Copyright (c) 2024 Zacch Adelabu ADEDEJI 2024-01-30 2024-01-30 4 1 50 63 Analysis of Rate of IPSAS Adoption among the Public Sector in the South Western States in Nigeria <p>The study investigated the extent of IPSAS adoption in Nigeria using the south-west geopolitical zone of the country as case study. The public service in the six states of the south western Nigeria is the focus of the study. A total of 400 respondents are covered in the survey and professional staff like auditors and accountants in the public service form the nucleus of the respondents. A well-structured questionnaire was constructed and administered. The data harvested was analysed using purely descriptive statistics. Findings from the analysis revealed that IPSAS adoption varied by states in the South-western Nigeria depending on jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions were still using the cash based IPSAS, while others have adopted the full accrual-based IPSASs. In addition, some other jurisdiction adopted a hybrid IPSASs system. The study recommends harmonization of pattern of adoption of IPSAS in the country. This will pave way for level playing assessment of public officers in the Nigeria public sector.</p> Zacch Adelabu ADEDEJI Copyright (c) 2024 Zacch Adelabu ADEDEJI 2024-01-30 2024-01-30 4 1 64 73 West African Governance and the 21st Century Mediterranean Slave Trade: A Critical Analysis <p>The 21st century has witnessed a revival of the slave trade in the Mediterranean, bringing to mind the transatlantic slave trade that plagued the West African region centuries ago. This article provides a critical analysis of the contemporary relationship between West African governance and the resurgence of the Mediterranean slave trade. This study investigates the socio-political, economic, and historical factors that contribute to the persistence of this contemporary catastrophe, drawing on extensive research and a multidisciplinary approach. The research used governance theory as its theoretical foundation. The data were obtained from secondary sources and analysed using a qualitative technique. Multiple socio-political and economic factors influenced the vulnerability of individuals in West African countries in relation to West African governance and the Mediterranean slave trade, as revealed by the study. The Mediterranean slave trade of the twenty-first century had severe consequences for both West Africa and the entire world. To prevent and eradicate this modern form of slavery, the study recommends addressing the fundamental causes, promoting regional cooperation, strengthening legal frameworks, and providing support for victims, among other measures.</p> Cornel Chinedu U. Udumaga Okechukwu Declan Izim Copyright (c) 2024 Cornel Chinedu U. Udumaga, Okechukwu Declan Izim 2024-01-30 2024-01-30 4 1 74 84 Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Improving Screening and Diagnosis in Kenya <p>One hallmark feature of Autism Spectrum Disorder is poor socio-communication skills. Almost every individual with ASD exhibits this challenge. Diverse research-based intervention strategies exist to ameliorate that. Effective intervention starts with timely assessment and diagnosis. This article explores the different assessment procedures inclusive of screening and diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Precisely, it reviews available assessment methods, screening tools, parental perception and the general global diagnostic criteria. The article also highlights the significance of timely and accurate diagnosis in improving the quality of life of a child with ASD. This is an in-depth qualitative research reviewing literature from research findings published in renowned peer-reviewed journals. Among the challenges faced in the diagnosis process are stigmatization, lack of trained personnel, and culturally insensitive assessment tools with the majority of parents registering their dissatisfaction with the entire diagnostic process. This paper ends by giving recommendations to the government and related stakeholders.</p> Laetecia Kondiek George Wairungu Copyright (c) 2024 Laetecia Kondiek, George Wairungu 2024-01-30 2024-01-30 4 1 85 92 Transformative Effects of the Coastal Clean-Drive on Criminology Students Skills Development and Social Responsibility <p style="margin: 0cm; margin-bottom: .0001pt; text-align: justify;"><span lang="EN-US">Environmental issues and community engagement have sparked numerous sustainability and social responsibility programs. Community service fosters relationships that facilitate community growth, and collaborating with academic institutions and other organizations can assist in fulfilling the mission of enhancing living conditions for underprivileged communities. The purpose of this research study is to determine the effects of a clean-up drive on criminology students in a university setting by identifying the knowledge, skills development, and values and attitudes of these students upon participating in a clean-up drive; this study aims to shed light on the potential outcomes and benefits associated with such community-based activities. This study is a descriptive research design that was conducted on College of Criminology students who are currently enrolled in the first semester of 2023-2024. There are a total of ninety-five (95) students who responded to the survey from all year levels. Weighted mean was used to determine the results. Studies revealed that upon participating in the coastal clean-up drive, volunteers gain a better understanding of the importance of environmental preservation. The volunteer was able to develop teamwork among others and became more disciplined after participating in the clean-up drive.</span></p> Richie L. Montebon Grace Colonia Aljun Codera Copyright (c) 2024 Richie L. Montebon, Grace Colonia, Aljun Codera 2024-02-06 2024-02-06 4 1 93 98 Quality Risks Performance through Monitoring and Control: The Role of Subcontractor Construction Management at the Gas Unitization Project <p>Due to rising levels of complexity and intense competition, effective risk management is a must for any project manager hoping to see their work through to completion. Since risks are evaluated according to their possible impact on project goals, there is a direct correlation between good risk management and successful projects. To minimise deviations from objectives, monitoring and control are carried out regularly. This research aims to directly analyse the influence of direct technical, financial, resource, managerial, and communication risks from subcontractors on the quality of building construction performance and through monitoring and control intervening. This study used a quantitative approach through questionnaires and documentation. The participants in this study were 39 individuals who were directly involved with PT—Rekayasa Industri subcontractors on the Jambaran Tiung Biru project. The subcontractors were responsible for completing a specific work package. According to the Partial Least Square analysis, technical and resource risks negatively and significantly impact building performance quality. Financial and managerial risks substantially and indirectly influence the quality of building construction performance through monitoring and control.</p> Agung Mahendro Sutanto Hidayat Maranatha Wijayaningtyas Copyright (c) 2024 Agung Mahendro, Sutanto Hidayat, Maranatha Wijayaningtyas 2024-02-06 2024-02-06 4 1 99 107 Assessment of the Impact of Board Characteristics on Forensic Accounting Practices of Listed Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) in Nigeria <p>Due to economic uncertainty and stakeholders’ disillusionment, which has prompted calls for better financial system protection, extensive forensic accounting systems are needed. This study came into force to investigate how board characteristics affect forensic accounting practices in listed Nigerian Deposit Money Banks (DMBs). The longitudinal study included fifteen DMBs listed on the Nigerian Exchange Group as of December 31, 2022. The analysis used audited yearly financial records from 2013 to 2022 of these firms. The data was analysed using descriptive statistics and marginal logistic regression. This research found that board composition and competence positively affect forensic accounting adoption. The influence on board independence was positive but statistically negligible. This shows that board composition&nbsp;and expertise&nbsp;are key to forensic accounting practices&nbsp;implementation. This study concludes that board composition and experience help DMBs adopt forensic accounting practices. It was recommended that DMBs should adopt data analytics and AI. Policymakers should establish real-time information exchange methods, and banks should safeguard whistle-blowers and allow anonymous reporting. These methods are essential for improving forensic accounting, detecting fraud quickly, and protecting financial stability and reputation.</p> Jeremiah Oreoluwa Akinadewo Israel Seriki Akinadewo Olusola Esther Igbekoyi Copyright (c) 2024 Jeremiah Oreoluwa Akinadewo, Israel Seriki Akinadewo, Olusola Esther Igbekoyi 2024-02-10 2024-02-10 4 1 108 124 Earnings Management, Audit Committee and Firm Value of Quoted Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria <p>Financial scandals caused by the widespread overstating and manipulation of critical information in annual financial report of businesses are on the increase and users of the information are demanding transparency. This study was conducted to investigate the effect of earnings management and audit committee on firm value of quoted oil and gas firms in Nigeria. <em>Ex-post</em> <em>facto</em> research design was adopted. The population of the study was the nine oil and gas firms listed on the Nigerian Exchange (NGX) as at 31<sup>st</sup> December, 2022. The study employed the nine firms as sample size using the census sampling technique. Data were obtained from the audited annual financial reports of the firms for a period of 2010-2022. Panel least square (PLS) was used in analysing the collected data. The study found that earnings management has significant negative effect on firm value and audit committee has insignificant effect on firm value. The moderating effect of audit committee independence was discovered to be significant over the relationship between earnings management and firm value using accruals as proxy of earnings management. The reverse was the result when earnings management was proxied with total assets and profit. The study concluded that earnings management is a significant underlying factor that can negatively influence the value of firms and cause decrease in its intrinsic value. It was recommended that investors should pay attention to corporate governance practice by companies especially the independence of the audit committee, as it influences financial success of listed oil and gas firms in Nigeria.</p> Omobolanle A. Ajibola Israel S. Akinadewo Olusola E. Igbekoyi Oluwapomile J. Obamoyegun Copyright (c) 2024 Omobolanle A. Ajibola, Israel S. Akinadewo, Olusola E. Igbekoyi, Oluwapomile J. Obamoyegun 2024-02-10 2024-02-10 4 1 125 146 An Empirical Evaluation of a 52-Week Momentum Strategy for Forming a Superior Active Portfolio: Evidence from the Iraqi Stock Exchange <p>The use of technical analysis methods is considered one of the fundamental pillars of trading in financial markets. These methods vary, and their applications differ among traders. Among the well-known techniques is momentum trading, which allows for a clear view of the strength and movement of prices. This, in turn, provides traders with signals to buy or sell stocks. The momentum strategy has proven successful in the markets, especially when analyzing stock performance over a 52-week period. Investors following this strategy build their portfolios by buying high-performing stocks and selling low-performing ones. When a stock or index surpasses its highest level over the past 52 weeks, it is considered a positive indicator for price movement. The objective of this study is to test the feasibility of momentum strategies based on 52-week returns for stocks listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange, aiming to achieve exceptional profits while considering the ability of winning momentum portfolios to overcome transaction costs in the Iraqi stock market. One of the key findings of the study is that momentum portfolios, following the 52-week strategy, generate returns, but these returns are not statistically significant. These returns diminish with the inclusion of transaction costs. Due to the high transaction costs within the Iraqi stock market, the study advises against using the 52-week high strategy due to the lack of profit coverage for transaction costs within the market.</p> Ahmed Falah Hasan Mohammed Faez Hasan Copyright (c) 2024 Ahmed Falah Hasan, Mohammed Faez Hasan 2024-02-12 2024-02-12 4 1 147 155 Local Residents’ Responses to Livelihood Transformation in the Peri-Urban Mwanza City, Tanzania <p>The profound effect of urbanisation in most cities’ peri-urban areas in the global south is the transformation of the livelihoods of local residents through the destruction or creation of livelihood assets. This occurs when urbanisation constrains or enhances the livelihood during the transition from rural to urban monetary economies. This study aims to assess the local residents’ responses to the livelihood transformation brought by urbanisation in the peri-urban Mwanza City, Tanzania. In order to achieve that, the capital assets framework of the sustainable livelihood approach (SLA) has been used as an analytical tool to understand peri-urban livelihood. Data was gathered from 155 local residents’ households in the study ward of Buswelu by employing both probability and non-probability techniques. Geographic information systems technologies and remote sensing were employed in the study to identify changes in land use and their implications for livelihood. In-depth interviews, structured interviews, documentary reviews, and field observation were all employed as data collection methods. The findings indicate that the built-up area has expanded by 412%, from 220 to 1,957 hectares, between the years 2000 and 2020. This expansion has been at the cost of other land use, which has eventually affected local peri-urban residents' livelihoods in various ways. Conversely, urbanisation opened up new urban livelihood opportunities for residents in peri-urban areas. Consequently, the local residents responded to the transformation of livelihood by intensifying agriculture and diversifying activities for both farm and non-farm livelihoods, and some herders opted to migrate with their animals to more rural villages. However, the findings exhibit that some of the coping mechanisms helped them improve their livelihoods, while others did not. Additionally, human and financial capital appeared to be of greater relevance in the urban livelihood setting. Thus, a proper understanding of the local residents’ responses to livelihood transformation is of great significance for enhancing their livelihood during the transition from rural to urban life.</p> Laison S. Kaganga Copyright (c) 2024 Laison S. Kaganga 2024-02-13 2024-02-13 4 1 156 175 Natural Radioactivity and Environmental Risk Assessment of Rock Samples at Gidan Tagwaye Granite Quarry Site in Dutse Area of Jigawa State using Gamma-Ray Spectrometry <p>The toxicity risks of being over exposed to ionizing radiation in the environments are of great concern to environmental and health scientists. The levels of natural radioactivity of <sup>40</sup>K, <sup>226</sup>Ra and <sup>232</sup>Th were investigated at Gidan Tagwaye Granite Quarry Site located at 15 km away from Dutse Local Government Area of Jigawa State, in the North-Western Region of Nigeria using Gamma Spectroscopy with NaI(TI) detector. Radium equivalent activity (Ra<sub>eq</sub>), absorbed dose rate, annual effective dose rates, hazard indices (Hex and Hin), gamma and alpha index were calculated and compared with the world recommended value. The results obtained show the measured activity concentration due to <sup>40</sup>K ranges from 347.52 ± 31.20 Bq/kg to 460.80 ± 93.60 Bq/kg with an average of 397.82 ± 71.24 Bq/kg. <sup>226</sup>Ra ranges from 92.12 ± 13.65 Bq/kg to 153.8 ± 18.85 Bq/kg with an average of 120.15 ± 16.12 Bq/kg. <sup>232</sup>Th ranges from 216.8 ± 14.45 Bq/kg to 343.98 ± 33.71 Bq/kg with an average of 289.10 ± 30.71 Bq/kg respectively. The radium equivalent activity (Ra<sub>eq</sub>) was found to be 549.398 Bq/kg which is higher than world average 370 Bq/kg, the mean absorbed dose rate obtained is 280.02 nGy/h and is higher than the world average of 55 nGy/h. The measured average indoor annual effective dose rate is 1.168 mSvy<sup>-1</sup> and is higher than the world average value of 1 mSv/y while the outdoor annual effective dose rate is 0.349 mSvy<sup>-1 </sup>which is lower than the world average value of 1 mSvy<sup>-1</sup>. The measured average values of external and internal hazard index are 1.521 and 1.957, which is higher than the world permissible limit of 1, the measured gamma and alpha indices are 3.17 and 0.839, in which the gamma index is higher than the world average value, while alpha is less than the world average value. This indicates that the sediments in all the sampling sites pose a significant radiological effect to the workers and inhabitants of the area, therefore public awareness on the health implication of these radionuclides is recommended.</p> S.K. Khaleed E. Joseph A. Ubaidullah Copyright (c) 2024 Khaleed S.K, Joseph E., Ubaidullah A. 2024-02-13 2024-02-13 4 1 176 186 Impact of Near-Wellbore Stress in Wellbore Integrity Analysis: Wellbore Fracture Strengthening Approach <p>The analysis of borehole stability during drilling is particularly important in the oil and gas industry. Loss of borehole stability during drilling often increases drilling costs, reduces drilling efficiency and even causes the bottom hole to collapse. Regardless of the drilling method used (for example, under-balanced or overbalanced), if borehole is constant throughout the drilling process, drilling integrity problems are unlikely to occur during oil and gas production. The design and implementation of drilling operation is the subject of most research and is a priority for most drilling projects, so it is important to understand the factors that affect borehole stability during drilling. In this study, an analytical model is developed for the purpose of performing quantitative research on the subject of wellbore fortification. The model is appropriate for use with wellbore walls that have small fractures. The development of this model is grounded in the theory of linear elastic fracture mechanics, which functions as the basis for this foundation. The small fracture model does not take into consideration the pressure gradient that exists within the fracture because of the short length of the small fracture. Nevertheless, this model does take into consideration the effect that near-wellbore stress concentration has on the strengthening of the wellbore. The model is validated by comparison to a more basic fracture model that already exists in the research literature.</p> Frank Chinedu Ukaeru Kevin Igwilo Anthony Chikwe Obibuike Ubanozie Copyright (c) 2024 Frank Chinedu Ukaeru, Kevin Igwilo, Anthony Chikwe, Obibuike Ubanozie 2024-02-13 2024-02-13 4 1 187 206 Artificial Intelligence in Education <p>The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the classroom has the possibilities to develop the way students learn and teachers teach. AI styles and methods can provide students with personalized feedback and recommendations, enabling for a more engaging and productive learning experience. Despite these potential benefits, there are also many challenges attached to incorporating AI into the classroom. This paper discusses the benefits of incorporating AI into the classroom, the challenges that teachers encounter when using AI, and best approaches for effectively integrating AI into the curriculum, content and teaching styles at various level of education.</p> Khalil Alsaadat Copyright (c) 2024 Khalil Alsaadat 2024-02-14 2024-02-14 4 1 207 215 Computer and Mobile Assisted Language Learning: Use of Podcasts and Digital Storytelling in Development of Speaking Skills in Upper Primary <p>Speaking skills are among the essential components of literacy achievement. However, learning English speaking skills is very complex and complicated as it involves many more multiple abilities than just pronouncing words. Many primary learners still struggle to successfully master speaking skills. Yet, speaking is perceived as the most important skill to communicate effectively in this global world. Therefore, learners of English as a second language need a great deal of language support. One of this supports is the integration of technological application in the teaching and learning of English language. This study investigated the use of podcasts and digital storytelling through toontastic 3D in development of speaking skills in upper primary. The study applied the sociocultural theory as developed by Vygotsky (1978) and advanced by Lantolf (2007). The study adopted a mixed research design involving quasi experimental research design. The study location was Kyso sub-county; Kitui County. The target population was primary learners.&nbsp; Purposive sampling method was used to determine the sample size of the study which was 80 learners. Data were collected through pre and post assessment. Quantitative data of the study were analyzed through descriptive statistics. The findings of the study revealed that podcasts and digital storytelling through toontastic 3D have significant effect on speaking skills. The findings revealed that pupils’ achievement in speaking skills significantly improved after the use of podcasts and toontastic 3D recording. The significant improvement is attributed to the fact that CALL and MALL devices expose pupils to the authentic materials which attract pupils’ attention. The study therefore recommends that CALL and MALL should be integrated in the English language curriculum, which can create a lively classroom atmosphere and facilitate learning. It is hoped that this study adds knowledge to theory and practice of teaching SLA and in Applied Linguistics.</p> Deborah Kalima Mutua Anashia Nancy Ong’onda Omondi Oketch Copyright (c) 2024 Deborah Kalima Mutua, Anashia Nancy Ong’onda, Omondi Oketch 2024-02-17 2024-02-17 4 1 216 229 Home Language Practices that Support Children’s English Language Learning: A Case of Makuyu Zone, Muranga County, Kenya <p>The Home Literacy Environment is considered one of the significant factors affecting children’s language development. However, children differ in their individual resources, basic abilities and other characteristics as well as in their developmental progress. The introduction of the Competence Based Curriculum in Kenya calls for a reconsideration of English language learning. Few studies have examined the connection between Competence Based Curriculum and Home Environment. Therefore, it is critical to understand home literacy activities that support English language learning at a young age in order to unravel the factors and processes associated with English language learning and to identify the support needed for children and families. The study applied social learning/constructivism theory (Vygotsky, 1978). The study employed descriptive research design. Two instruments were used to collect data; questionnaires and interview. The target population in the study was teachers in 46 public primary schools in the Makuyu zone. Random sampling method was used to identify 24 teachers. The findings of the study revealed that Home Literacy Environment may impact the development of English vocabulary, reading, listening, phonological awareness, and letter knowledge and comprehension skills.</p> Jane Wamaitha Wachuru Anashia Nancy Ong’onda Evelyn E. Simiyu Copyright (c) 2024 Jane Wamaitha Wachuru, Anashia Nancy Ong’onda, Evelyn E. Simiyu 2024-02-17 2024-02-17 4 1 230 241 Phonetic Challenges and Articulation Patterns: An In-Depth Analysis of Affricate Production among Second Language Learners <p>This study investigated the challenges of affricate pronunciation faced by college students, specifically those enrolled in a state university. Drawing from prior research, the mixed-methods approach combined surveys and interviews to comprehensively explore the distinctions of affricate pronunciation, identifying impediments encountered by language learners. The research contributed valuable insights, emphasizing the unique context of state university education. The tabular presentation of results captured participants' experiences, offering practical implications for educators and policymakers. Overall, this study provided a nuanced understanding of affricate pronunciation challenges among state university college students, aligning with the broader discourse on language acquisition and oral articulation.</p> Charito Ong John Derek Flores Sterling Ong Copyright (c) 2024 Charito Ong, John Derek Flores, Sterling Ong 2024-02-17 2024-02-17 4 1 242 246 Assessing International Financial Reporting Standard and Financial Performance of Selected Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria <p>This study assessed International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) and performance of selected manufacturing companies in Nigeria between 2014 and 2021. Evidently, financial performance is the execution and assessment of business transactions, profitability, financial evaluation and company’s efficiency which necessitated the need for regulators, multinational corporations, auditing firms, investors, and all stakeholders to recognize the importance of international financial reporting standard (IFRS) in firms or organization. The dependent variable, performance proxied, returns on asset (ROA) and earnings per share (EPS) and the independent variable, International financial reporting standard (IFRS). This study adopted descriptive statistics where data were generated on the explanatory variables indicated and statistical numerical approach (SPSS) was adopted to analyse the data. Multiple regression models and Ordinary Least Square (OLS) were employed. Techniques adopted in the study were multicollinearity test and heteroscedasticity test. Secondary data were obtained from annual reports and accounts, fact book and websites of the selected manufacturing companies on Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). The study found that IFRS adoption has a positive but insignificant impact on the performance (earnings per share) with p value 0.3090&lt;2.7%, and also IFRS adoption has a positive but insignificant impact on the performance (return on asset) with p value 0.7856&lt;78% of manufacturing firms listed on (NSE) which means that the adoption of IFRS had an insignificant impact on the performance of manufacturing companies in Nigeria. The study recommended that government should increase incentives and encourage more investment in the Nigerian manufacturing sectors to increase their earning potential and profitability, as these are the country's most important economic sectors.</p> Olufunke Yemi OWOLABI Florence Modupe FAPOHUNDA Adeyinka Sidikat ADELEKE Copyright (c) 2024 Olufunke Yemi OWOLABI, Florence Modupe FAPOHUNDA, Adeyinka Sidikat ADELEKE 2024-02-17 2024-02-17 4 1 247 260 Application of Aerial 3d LiDAR Scanning Technique in Open Pit Mines <p>The application of Aerial 3D LiDAR scanning techniques in open-pit mines represents a transformative advancement in the field of mining and resource extraction. This cutting-edge technology leverages Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors mounted on aerial platforms to generate highly detailed and accurate three-dimensional representations of open-pit mining landscapes. This abstract explores the myriad ways in which Aerial 3D LiDAR scanning is revolutionizing open-pit mining operations. One significant benefit of employing Aerial 3D LiDAR scanning in open-pit mines is its unparalleled capability to provide precise topographical and geological data. The technology enables rapid and comprehensive mapping of the mining site, facilitating enhanced geological modeling and accurate volume calculations. This, in turn, contributes to optimized mine planning and improved operational efficiency. Moreover, Aerial 3D LiDAR scanning plays a pivotal role in enhancing safety measures within open-pit mines. The technology allows for real-time monitoring of pit walls, identifying potential hazards such as rockfalls or slope instabilities. By providing early warnings, it aids in preventing accidents and ensuring the well-being of on-site personnel.</p> <p>In conclusion, the application of Aerial 3D LiDAR scanning in open-pit mines is a transformative force, revolutionizing the industry by offering unprecedented accuracy in mapping and monitoring. This technological innovation not only optimizes operational processes but also elevates safety standards, positioning itself as a cornerstone in the evolution of modern mining practices.</p> Arli LLABANI Freskida ABAZAJ Copyright (c) 2024 Arli LLABANI, Freskida ABAZAJ 2024-02-17 2024-02-17 4 1 261 272 Planimetric Transformation Models Compared between References ETRF2000 and ALB-1986 <p>Several GNSS campaigns were conducted in Albania in order to connect the State Geodetic Network with the Global (ITRSxx/ITRFxx) or European Reference System (ETRS89/ETRF2000). Based on the findings of the GNSS campaign conducted in the fall of 2007 and spring of 2008, the optimal transformation parameters between the references ETRF2000 and ALB1986 were determined. In the field, the transformation outcomes made possible by the two existing planimetric transformation models created by the Department of Geodesy and the Military Geographical Institute of Firenze, Italy, are evaluated and compared. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the various planimetric transformation models and the outcomes of their tests conducted throughout Albania.</p> Eduart BLLOSHMI Bledar SINA Copyright (c) 2024 Eduart BLLOSHMI, Bledar SINA 2024-02-19 2024-02-19 4 1 273 280